Rights, off for Unjust

Basicly, we need to know, what is rights. Human rights is… well, i don’t want to write the definition. it’s up to you, what do you want to call or define this human rights. but one thing for sure, here i just want to write down why this human rights is just like a two edges sword for us, the human being. and this article, just according to my opinions, so don’t even bother to ask or even ensuring me again that i’m a crazy people or something that doesn’t like or support human rights. this is just my opinion. if you like it, then. well, i’m sure you’ll believe me soon after reading this article because i’ll give you some evidences. =)


Enjoy Reading, Fellas!

Rights, for what has happened in this world. Is. just like a two edges sword. when a citizen, like me or maybe even you have the rights to live a peaceful life in your country with the protection from the government. and the govt must fulfill this responsibility of course. but when me do the crimes. i killed or murdered few peoples for example. the govt, pull out my rights as a citizen and dump me into the jail. well, that’s fine. but, don’t you think a criminal is nasty and killer should go to hell?

Well, for you who think something like that is right, or support that. unfortunately no in democracy countries. crime still have their rights. more than only the rights too live, fellas. they still have rights even to be better and clean their sin. or even they can just nastily get out of the rehabilitation jail, and do the crime again and again because the jail keeper thought ‘she has cleared her sin.. now she is pure and can build her new life.’

swweeett thought isn’t it? me, in my country.. there has been so many people with that kind of mind. my, it’s hopeless to see it y’ know. And this kind of action is unjust for some people, and for the crime’s victims of course.

Well, fellas, that’s one of what can lead rights to be so unjust. When the government have the rights to pull the rights of some groups of citizens for the sake of the larger groups in that society. it must be so hurt for the ‘some group’ dontcha think so? Yes. indeed is. And even when the minority’s sake that is thorn was a rule in their religions…. well, talking about it. this kind of thing was just happen in Holland, fellas. read the news. about the meat, or the way you kill the animals =)

That’s my opinion and that or this article proofed that RIGHTS, OFF FOR UNJUST…


Your sincere fella =)


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