Banning Eating Disorder Sites Will not Solve the Problems, We Must Change Society’s Mindset

THBT State Should Never Regulate Any Kind of Expressions That Positively Portrays Eating Disorder

Banning Eating Disorder Sites Will not Solve the Problems, We Must Change Society’s Mindset

By: Salsabila Ahmadi

                Eating disorder happens in society, especially women because they tend to seek beauty. Characteristics of beauty that leads to eating disorder are thin and slim. Almost every woman want to be the slimmest and the thinnest among others, thus they compete each other. The fact that 8 million people in United States only have eating disorder, not to mention how many more there are outside United States. They throw up what they have eaten because in their mindset, eating makes them fat.


                Eating disorder is dangerous for the health of human body and even can cause death in long term. People with eating disorder will be lack of nutrition which is needed by our body because they throw up. But, many media, especially internet positively portray eating disorder, like to encourage doing it and tell how it will make your body slimmer and thinner easier. In the internet also, people all over the world can encourage each other to do and continue eating disorder habit. The government believes that glorifying eating disorder is dangerous for society because they will be influenced by the internet and then will do eating disorder that is dangerous to their body automatically. But it is not that easy, because eating disorder began in the society’s environment, from their friends and neighborhoods not from the internet first. Usually people will believe their friends and family first if both of friends and internet are encouraging eating disorder, because they are closer with their family and friends.

                Banning sites that positively portray or encourage people to do eating disorder in the internet is useless and a waste of time because eating disorder will still be there. Eating disorder’s possibility to stop will be little if there are still many people that want to be slim and thin easier. When people see their friends that are slimmer and thinner than them because of eating disorder, the possibility to be influenced by their friends is high because most of women want to be slim and the kind of ‘thin is the perfect body’ mindset and custom will be created in the society. They will try to look for the way, how to do eating disorder from friends and family that they trust. What the government must do is not banning the sites, but promoting healthy life to the society such as how to diet properly not by eating disorder but consuming healthy food and doing sports. The effect of this policy will be seen in the future. When majority of the society have done healthy life style, eating disorder pro sites will be ignored since they have realized how dangerous and useless diet is by eating disorder and how much better healthy life is.

                So, banning will not solve the root of problem which comes from the environment where the society lives. What we should do here, change the culture of everything can be done just to reach the perfect slim body to healthy life style that will keep the society in proper weigh.


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