Solving Crisis of Awareness of Trash by Introducing Trash Tax

THW Introduce Trash Tax

Solving Crisis of Awareness of Trash by Introducing Trash Tax

By: Salsabila Ahmadi


                Trash is a serious problem that must be solved, especially in developing countries. Slogan 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is well known in the developing world, but what about the implementation? It is still not maximal, moreover still at minimum level. In the other side, the first world countries have started to implement trash tax for example Hong Kong, Switzerland, Japan, England and some others. Mean while developing countries such as Indonesia haven’t started yet, but it has problems in trash management. Most of Indonesia society doesn’t understand the 3R slogan. They just litter as they like, into the river, seas, and streets. Even Indonesia throws away more than 10.000 tons of trash every day. The question is how we can create healthy environment if there are trash every where? This means we need to make society realize how important to stop littering. The crisis of awareness of Indonesia society leads us to introduce trash tax.

                Introducing trash tax means we implement trash tax policy step by step, not all regions at one time. So, society in one region has to organize their trash in standard sized plastic bags that is given by government. Government will take the tax per plastic bag in each house in that region. Government will organize Clean and Parking ministry in order to reach and supervise society to implement this policy and also promote how to use 3R method to decrease trash.

               Government indirectly educates the society about how to reach better environment in living. Because people will learn step by step how to keep healthy environment for their own sake. Government is not god who can do everything, including managing trash alone without the help of society. When society’s crisis of awareness in managing trash is solved, they will help the government. The result of society and government cooperation will lead to the better and healthier environment. Even, this policy will add the budget of country because of the tax. This budget can be allocated to other sectors which in needs, for example education sector, health sector, and others. It’s just like killing two birds with one stone. We can change the mindset of society to create better future and adding more budgets to sectors that in needs.

                People’s mindset on trash says that ‘trash isn’t useful so we can litter as we like’. But when the government implements this policy, it means societies who don’t want to waste money just for trash that isn’t useful will try to make the trash useful. People have other needs that they need to prioritize first, such as money for buying foods, clothes, education and many others. Thus, they need to decrease the usage of their money on such unimportant things as trash. One of ways to minimize it will be by the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. By increasing the usage of organic trash as compos, they can reduce amount of trash. Decrease the dumping of non organic trash by reusing it if it still can be used, or by recycling it to be other beneficial things. This way, society will eventually realize how important it is to recycle their trash if they don’t want the world in which they live, full of trash and unhealthy.

                So, we must introduce trash tax to society of Indonesia in order to create healthy environment and better future for our country.



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  1. Hi tһere! Thiѕ post сouldn’t ƅe written any better! Reading tһrough tһiѕ
    post reminds mе of my good old гoom mate! He alᴡays қept talking ɑbout this.
    Ι ᴡill forward tһis ѡrite-ᥙp to һim. Pretty ѕure he
    will haѵe а good reaɗ. Thanks for sharing!

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