THBT Free Trade Is A Way For World

Aff (+)


A way forward here has the purpose to create an economic system where all nations can develop in economic side fairly. Fairly, so that all nations can get the advantages from free trade. We as the affirmative side of the house have two criteria for the reason why actually free trade is a way forward to reach the improvement of economic side especially and other side benefits. First is economic development. And second is the way to improve the relationship with countries.



Free trade for economic development

            Economic development is the most important factor that needs to be improved by doing free trade. How we can actually free trade can develop economic of a country? When government implements free trade, then there will be no taxes to sell stuffs or goods to other countries and vice versa, so these cheaper things can actually make the price inside country reduced too. With this, you can easily sell products with cheap price but still better quality or the same quality as before when you pay taxes for export and import that is more expensive. Countries try to sell this kind of products in many ways, because they don’t want to be left by other countries who can develop their countries in economic side well. Because of this free trade, the countries will compete each other in economic side so economic side of countries will keep on developing. Because when you compete, of course you want to be better from other people, so it’s the same case with the countries in free trade too.

            When they are motivated to be developed because they don’t want to lose from other countries, it will be easier for their economic to be developed. So the developed countries in economy can develop themselves more and the developing countries in economy can learn to develop their selves.

Free Trade for Improving relationship with countries.

            To improve the economic side by free trade, means countries should sell their products in wide range. Then it means they must make more relation with other countries or deepen the relationship that have been achieved by that country. When countries have done this action, they can prove to the world that they are good in diplomatic, so when the countries have problems, your “friends” countries will help you. And this can actually make your problems easier to be solved, in economics, educational problems such as scholarships, medical problems and research and so on can be solve by cooperating with countries in the relationship. For example, Indnesia has good relation with China after the free trade. The diplomatic position of Indonesia strengthened in China and vice versa. So there will be no really large problems that can’t be handled by that country.

            So, free trade is a way for helping countries to solve their problems too, by improving the relationship with countries.

Nega (-)

We as the negative side do not agree with free trade for a way to get the benefits for the world because free trade is actually bring more harms than good. We have two criteria. First, economic development and second, relationship between countries. That means, we follow the affirmative’s criteria.



Free trade is not a way because it worsens the economic development.

            Basically we know that the world has been divided into three. First world for developed countries, second world for developing countries and third world for least developing countries. It is easy for 1st world countries to have free trade for more improvement in economic side. But not for developing countries, especially third world. Their economic can’t be just forced to follow the free trade. Just few of the developing countries can compete with the 1st world. The others can’t even follow it. For example when Indonesia-China doing free trade. Which country can overpower the economy? The answer is China of course. So many things have been imported to Indonesia from China without taxes. Besides loosing the profit from taxes of export-import, in Indonesia, the things from China have beaten the products of Indonesia inside Indonesia.

            What will happen if this kind of things is actually happened? Of course the stagnancy or even worse, the decreasing of economic development will happen. This can cause the dead of local products which can increase unemployment because of the bankruptcy of local companies. Is this really a way forward to increase the economic development? Yes, but just for the 1st world countries, not for developing and 3rd world countries. And the motion said “world” which means not just 1st world countries, but also 2nd and 3rd world countries.

Free Trade is not a way because it doesn’t improve relation between countries.

            When the 2nd and 3rd world have tried and joined the free trade, and they can’t survive in it, of course they must cut off the relationship of trade that they had made. The consequences is they can gain distrust from the countries in relationship which cause a weakened relation or even really cut the relation because the relation between countries that in relation is just the free trade. And when 2nd and 3rd world cut the relation with countries that have more advantages from them, the 2nd and 3rd world can gain distrust from the countries that the relation are being cut.  This can be an impact to the diplomatic position in the world that can be weakened, no helps or the helps from other countries will be reduced because of the distrust that 2nd and 3rd world can’t keep the relationship in a good shape. And the possibility to have conflict with countries that do not trust them is higher.

            So The free trade is actually make countries that can’t handle it in danger, meanwhile we know that the number of developing and least developing is more many than the developed ones. This proves that free trade is not the way for world to make more benefits especially in economy.



For (+)

Argument 1

The affirmative side saying by free trade you can sell goods with cheaper price. This will happen and we can’t deny that, but free trade is not as simple as that. Free trade have much more higher consequences than normal trading, because by free trade a country has lost one of its most important source from taxes, import and export taxes.

Argument 2

Increasing diplomatic power, yes, but only at first for the developing and least developed country, later they if they can’t stand on this free trade, they will collapse and it’s usually hard to stabilize the condition again because they are still learning.

For (-)

Argument 1

The affirmative said that the world has three level and not all can implement free trade. Even if world has three level, but free trade can actually make the poorer countries helped by developed ones and they can receive the goods in cheaper price too.

Argument 2

The relation will be cut and worsen the condition. It’s wrong because you can’t cut a relationship from a country that you have created easily, besides, if you have created a relation with a country from free trade, more developed country will help you solve the problems, because that country don’t want to lose you as its partner, because it can get benefit from you too.


By: Salsabila Ahmadi


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